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8 Week Fitness Challenge

Body Revival’s 8 week fitness challenge isn't about getting “Shredded” or “Ripped”. Our 8 Week Challenge is all about learning healthy habits which you can adopt into your own lifestyle. The fundamentals of health are based upon nutrition, physical activity and motivation, which we cover in-depth within this program. Without a balance between these 3 key areas, achieving your health & fitness goals can be extremely difficult. For this reason, we have created a program which encapsulates everything you need to create a healthy life.
Full Body Health Assessment
- 2x InBody scans which accurately measure bioelectrical impedance providing you with a clear snapshot of your body
- Personal analysis of your Inbody scan with goal setting advice on specific metrics which you can achieve over the 8 week period.
- Physical Activity Assessment with a customised 8 Health and Fitness Blueprint
A Comprehensive Nutrition Program Based Around Your Goals
- Custom Nutrition plan based on your goals and Inbody assessment
- Access to our goal setting workshop where we prepare you for an life changing 56 days
- A complete On-boarding session where we discuss the entire program and you can ask any questions
Complete 8 Week Training Program Tailored To Your Schedule
- Access to 3 Body Revival Classes per week. Classes Include; HIIT, Boxing, Suspension and Strength classes. (Sign up and be 1 of the first 10 to receive unlimited classes.)
- Access to 4 Body Revival Workshops to help boost your knowledge around Joint Health & Injury Prevention, Healthy vs Unhealthy Snacking, Kettlebell Fundamentals & Boxing 101.
Support & Guidance Throughout The Entire Challenge With Your Personal Health Assistant
- Personal health assistant(PHA) is someone who works with you behind the scenes helping you stay committed and focused on achieving your goals.
- Your PHA will contact you every 2 weeks for a 10-minute check-in call
- Within the call your PHA will check-in with you about how you're going with your program, your enjoyment and commitment level with your program.
Total Cost Price: $472.00 or $59.00 per week.

Membership Terms
Contract Length: 60 day(s)
Attendance: Unlimited classes
Begin Date: 15/08/2019
End Date: 14/10/2019
Enrollment End Date: 15/08/2019
Payment Terms
Price: $59.00 weekly

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First Installment  $59.00

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